Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the newly developed credit union website, which we have been working on for the past number of months, changing many facilities to make it much more user friendly and functional for you, the users. These changes will improve communications to credit unions, members and non members alike. We have endeavored to look at the problems which existed for credit unions logging in every day, and also for our members and new visitors who are looking for information on savings and loans.

In the months ahead we have planned further development, which will include the development of smart phone/iphone applications for credit union members. In time we will run training videos, webcasts, promotional films, roadshow presentations and information clips on the website for our affiliated credit unions, and for members where appropriate. The main thing to remember about this website is that it is a building block for new possibilities for everyone. This is the beginning of our web development, not the end. We hope you find the website a useful resource in getting the information that you require, and that it becomes a regular fixture in your browsing day.

This new site will allow us to explore new avenues in terms of advertising, promotion and connection. As part of new initiative we will be introducing Social Media to, with a Facebook and Twitter presence. In addition it will allow members and non members to contact us directly with questions, and we can assist credit unions with more targeted approaches to the promotion of existing offerings. Most importantly, we have a feedback section as previously stated - we welcome your thoughts and comments on the site, and improvements that could be made before we promote the site nationally.

For my part, as President, I will be posting a fortnightly blog to encourage debate on topics which affect credit unions and our members. We look forward to your views and input on these issues, and look forward to inclusive and informative ongoing debates about how we can progress in terms of services.